eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


This type is used by the Add/Revise/Relist calls to add a video to a listing. Videos can be added to listings using the Media API. See the Media API reference documentation for all of the necessary details to upload videos to eBay.

The GetItem call will return the VideoDetails container if the listing contains a video, and the seller of the item is the one making the GetItem call.

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VideoID ( string ) [0..*]
Unique identifier of a video. This identifier is automatically created by eBay once a seller successfully uploads a video to eBay. Videos can be added using the uploadVideo method of the Media API.

In an Add/Revise/Relist call, passing in the ID for the video will add the video to the listing. Although a video can be added to a listing before it is in the LIVE state, the video won't be available for viewing in the listing until it does reach this state. The status of an uploaded video can be retrieved with the getVideo method and seen in the status field of the response.

To replace a video already attached to the listing, the seller could make a Revise or Relist call and just send in a different VideoID value. As long as the VideoID value was valid, the specified video would replace the existing video in the listing.

To remove a video from a listing (and not replace it) using a Revise or Relist call, the seller can include a DeletedField tag in the request and set its value to Item.VideoDetails.VideoID. If the call is successful, the video will be removed from the listing.

Note: eBay will perform a validation check on each specified VideoID value to verify that the video belongs to, and was uploaded by the seller.
The GetItem call can be used by the seller to see which video (if any) is attached to the listing. The VideoDetails container will be returned if the listing contains a video. The VideoDetails container will only be returned to the seller of the item and no one else.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use VideoID.