The Trading API User Guide is your first resource for understanding how to work with eBay's Trading API and the eBay Developers Program. The information provided here is intended to help you plan your application by introducing the application development process and describing the features and functionality that are available through eBay's Trading API.

Note: This user guide provides information about the Trading API. If you are primarily interested in using REST-based selling APIs, refer to the Selling Integration Guide instead.

The Trading API allows sellers to create and manage listings, manage inventory, fulfill orders, and communicate with customers.

Typographic conventions

Throughout this guide the following typographic conventions are used:

Format Meaning

Language- and protocol-independent references to call names, data types and fields.

For example: "Use AddItem to list an item on an eBay marketplace."


Association or containment relationship.

For example, Item.ShippingDetails means we are referring to the ShippingDetails field of the Item object.


Literal values and messages, as well as snippets of sample code.

For example: "Specify a listing type of FixedPriceItem when you list an item on the eBay marketplace."

emphasis (italic)

Introduction of new terms.

For example: "The Motors Local Market format lets subscribed motor dealers list motor vehicles for sale within a local area.