eBay Trading APIVersion 1367


This type is used by the GiftSummary container that is returned in GetOrders and other order management calls if a buyer has purchased a digital gift card but has sent it to another individual as a gift. The GiftSummary container consists of the message that the buyer wrote for the recipient of the digital gift card.

Type that uses GiftSummaryType:

Calls that use GiftSummaryType:


Message ( string ) [0..1]
This free-form text contains the message that the purchaser of the digital gift card left for the recipient of the gift card.

For GetItemTransactions only: If using Trading WSDL Version 1019 or above, this field will only be returned to the buyer or seller, and no longer returned at all to third parties. If using a Trading WSDL older than Version 1019, real data is only returned to the buyer or seller, and a string value of Unavailable will be returned to all third parties.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Message.