When calling RelistItem to relist an item with product details, a seller may want to:

  • Add product details to the listing.

    To add product details:

    • Configure Item.ProductListingDetails to specify all product information that you want to include in the listing.
    • Specify the ID of the product that should be used to pre-fill the listing.
    • Use optional child elements to specify whether you want the listing to include a stock photo, whether you want to use the stock photo as the item's gallery image, and whether to include a stock summary in addition to your own item description.
  • Include a stock photo in the listing. To do so, either use the stock photo as the Gallery image by setting Item.ProductListingDetails.UseStockPhotoURLAsGallery to true or use the first image passed in Item.PictureDetails.PictureURL as the Gallery image. For more information, refer to Use an eBay stock photo as a gallery picture.
  • Remove all existing product data, including Item Specifics.

    To remove all existing product data from the listing, specify the following arguments in DeletedField:

    Removing product data without removing Item Specifics has the following effects:

    • Pre-filled item specifics are removed from the listing.
    • Item specifics that are not pre-filled are maintained unless you remove them or change the category to one that does not support the previously specified item specifics.
    • The stock photo (if any) is removed from the listing and Gallery (if applicable).
    • The link to additional summary information is removed from the listing.
  • Replace previous product data including pre-filled Item Specifics.

    To replace the previous product data with data for a different product:

  • Add, modify, or change item specifics that have not been pre-filled.

    To add, modify, or change only the item specifics that were not pre-filled, refer to Update Item Specifics for information about revising Item Specifics.

After calling RelistItem with product details, compare the response with the request to verify that the data actually listed match the data that had been sent.