An application can test/preview the relisting of an item by using VerifyRelistItem rather than RelistItem.

VerifyRelistItem uses the same inputs, logic, and validation, and returns the same values as RelistItem without actually relisting the item. By using VerifyRelistItem, an application can test the item definition for validity as well as preview the estimated fees before the item is actually relisted.

During testing, review the Errors node returned in the VerifyRelistItem response for any indication that a RelistItem attempt will be unsuccessful. Specifically, review the following fields:

Note: Refer to VerifyAddItem Returns Success with No Errors, but AddItem Returns Failure with Errors, which is based on the AddItem and VerifyAddItem calls, for more information.

Once tested, an application can then use the ItemType from testing as the input for the RelistItem call to actually relist the item.

For complete information refer to: