Sellers can view a list of any administratively ended listings by calling GetSellerList and configuring the request parameter AdminEndedItemsOnly = true. All other specified filters are ignored.

Note: Information about administratively ended listings is returned only to the seller of the item.

For each listing that is returned, the following ItemArray.Item.ItemPolicyViolation information is included:

Policy violation information (i.e., Item.ItemPolicyViolation.PolicyID and Item.ItemPolicyViolation.PolicyText,) may also be retrieved for a single listing by issuing GetItem and specifying the ItemID for the specific listing.

Relisting eligibility

GetItem and GetSellerList also indicate if items that have been administratively ended are eligible to be relisted by via the boolean response Item.SellingStatus.AdminEnded field. When this field returns a value of true, the item is eligible to be relisted.

RelistItem can be used to relist items that have been administratively ended due to a violation of an eBay listing policy. Refer to Listing policies for more information.

Using RelistItem is a more efficient method than issuing an AddItem call. In some cases, sellers may be able to relist partially sold multiple-quantity listings which have been prematurely removed from the marketplace depending upon the specific violation.