The typical process for a buyer and seller to resolve an Item Not Received (INR) or Significantly Not as Described (SNAD) related Return case is:

  1. The buyer and seller communicate with each other and try to resolve the issue without eBay being involved.

    This may involve the seller just providing shipment tracking details to the buyer for an INR case, or agreeing to accept the return request and/or refund the buyer for a SNAD-related return request.

  2. If buyer and seller cannot work it out, or seller is non-responsive, the buyer opens a case in the Resolution Center.

    It is a good idea for the buyer to read the help documentation to get a better understanding of the policies.

  3. eBay contacts the seller.

    Once a case is opened, eBay contacts the seller by email about the case. The seller can log in to the eBay marketplace and view the buyer's comments or can use the getCase method of the Post-Order API to retrieve details about the opened case.

  4. The seller makes the first response.

    The seller can respond to the case on the eBay marketplace or through the Post-Order API.

  5. The buyer and seller get another chance to work it out.

    Depending on the seller's response and willingness to make it right, the buyer and seller may be able to work it out before eBay becomes more involved.

  6. The case is closed or eBay intervenes.

    The buyer can close the case at any time after the seller has responded, if the item has been received (for an Item Not Received case), or if the seller has agreed to accept the return request and/or refund the buyer. If the buyer and seller came to a mutual agreement, the buyer can close the case. No action is taken against the seller's account.

    If the seller did not respond, or the response and/or action was not adequate for the buyer, the buyer may ask eBay to step in.

  7. eBay makes a decision on the case.

    eBay ultimately makes a decision on the case and determines whether the buyer or seller is at fault.

Whatever the outcome, the buyer or seller has 30 days to file an appeal to the case decision.