In most cases, the purchase of eBay items through auctions or fixed-priced listings work great for both buyers and sellers. However, there are times when issues may arise.

Important! A buyer is committed to purchase an item once they either buy a fixed-priced item, accept a second chance offer, use the Buy It Now option in an auction listing, are the winning bidder in an auction, or make a Best Offer that is accepted by the seller.

Communication between a buyer and seller to resolve an issue is always encouraged by eBay, and is often the fastest and simplest way to resolve a problematic transaction. eBay recommends that the seller allows the buyer to make things right before considering any further action. For example:

  • Contact the buyer through My eBay

    Give the buyer an adequate amount of time to respond to the message, and consider the possibility that the buyer may be experiencing a computer issue, or perhaps addressing another issue or emergency.

  • Send one or more payment reminders

    Sometimes a buyer may only need a reminder that payment is due on an item. Payment reminders may be sent between three and 30 days after a listing ends (or a purchase is made in a fixed-price listing).

Available actions

The following actions are available to a seller through the eBay Resolution Center.

Action API Specific call
Cancel an unpaid transaction Post-Order Create Cancellation Request
Retrieve summary information about all cases (all case types) Post-Order Search Cases
Retrieve detailed information about a single Item Not Received or Return case Post-Order

Get Inquiry

Get Case

Issue a full refund to the buyer to resolve an Item Not Received inquiry Post-Order Issue Inguiry Refund
Issue a full refund to the buyer to resolve a Return or INR case Post-Order Issue Case Refund
Issue a full or partial refund to the buyer to make it right Fulfillment issueRefund
Seller provide shipping information to buyer for an INR item Post-Order Provide Inquiry Shipment Info
Seller provides shipping information for a replacement item Post-Order Update Shipment Tracking Info
Seller provides an alternative return address and a Return Merchandise Authorization number for Return case Post-Order Provide Case Return Address
Post a message to the buyer regarding an INR inquiry refund. Post-Order Provide Inquiry Refund Info
Upload proof of shipping or other evidential documents to contest payment dispute from third-party payment company. Fulfillment uploadEvidenceFile
Appeal eBay's decision on a case Post-Order Appeal Case Decision