The primary issue that a seller can have with a buyer is when the buyer has committed to purchasing an item, but has not paid for the item in a timely manner.

Situations that are classified (in general) as an Unpaid Item include:

  • Payment issues:
    • The buyer does not pay during the first two days after the order line item was created.
    • The buyer refuses to pay.
    • The buyer's check does not clear or the credit card transaction is declined.
    • The buyer wants to use a payment method that the seller doesn't accept.
    • The seller does not receive payment for some other reason.
  • Miscellaneous issues:
    • The buyer is no longer a registered eBay user.
    • The buyer wants shipment to an unconfirmed address.
    • The buyer and seller are unable to resolve a disagreement over terms.
    • The buyer made a mistake and no longer wants the item.

If none of the methods listed above are successful, the seller may need to cancel the order and relist the item(s).

If a seller has to cancel an order due to not having received payment from the buyer, that seller will be eligible for receive a credit for the Final Value Fee associated with the order.

In the case of an auction listing where the winning bidder never paid, the seller has the option of extending a Second Chance Offer to another competitive bidder on the ended auction.