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Sellers are required to adopt catalog products to list components in parts and accessories categoryID 173651 (Auto Performance Tuning Devices & Software). See the Emissions control defeat devices policy for additional information. This applies when category 173651 is the primary category; sellers cannot list category 173651 as a secondary category.

Important! When listing in categoryID 173651, sellers must use a catalog product to create the listing. The following information has to come from the catalog: title, description, fitment, subtitle, pictures, and item specifics. If a seller provides any of this information, the listing will fail and return an error informing them these fields have to come from the catalog. Also, sellers can only list items that are new/new other using the applicable condition Ids:

  • NEW



Note: Each product is approved for a specific fitment configuration. For example, a tuner product that is allowed for a 2010 Ford Focus might not be legally allowed for a 2020 Ford Focus.

To list a product in this category, specify the correct epid when calling the createOrReplaceInventoryItem method (see Matching inventory to catalog products). Alternatively, specify the brand and mpn. If more than one identifier is specified, the ePID is used first, and if not found, the brand + mpn is used.

Revising listings with an eBay catalog product

If you have listings in Category ID 173651 that are not using an eBay catalog product definition, you must revise those listings to use an eBay catalog product. To do this using the createOrReplaceInventoryItem method, you can use a payload like below.

  "condition": "NEW",
  "product": {
    "epid": "27******587"

As long as the specified ePID is found in eBay product catalog, the inventory item will be updated with all of the catalog product details, including:

  • title

  • subTitle

  • imageUrls

  • description

  • aspects