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Using the product compatibility calls in the Inventory API, sellers can create a list of motor vehicles that are compatible with a parts or accessory item. To do this, the seller uses the createOrReplaceProductCompatibility call. In the request payload of the createOrReplaceProductCompatibility call, the seller creates an array of vehicles using the productFamilyProperties container. In this container, the seller will define these vehicles by specifying the vehicle aspects such as make, model, year, engine, and trim. The seller passes in the SKU value of the motor vehicle part or accessory through the call URI. A successful call will link this list of vehicles to the inventory item, and to the eBay offer/listing once an offer for the inventory item is published through the publishOffer call.

The diagram below demonstrates the process for creating a motor part or accessory listing with parts compatibility using the Inventory API:

There are also calls to retrieve a list of compatible vehicles (getProductCompatibility) and to delete/unassociate a list of compatible vehicles (deleteProductCompatibility). For both of these call, the SKU value for the inventory item is passed in through the call URI.