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If your item is eligible for an eBay Authenticity Guarantee, it will be automatically added to the program free of charge and you will be notified. There is no opt-in or opt-out option. Only items in specific categories can be listed with an Authenticity Guarantee.

In addition, the listing:

  • Must have at least one shipping option

  • Cannot have a handling time of more than three days

  • Must meet any other minimum listing requirements

After successfully listing the item, notification that the item qualifies for Authenticity Guarantee is through IsItemEMSEligible and also warning 21920343. See the eBay Authenticity Guarantee help page for more information including eligible categories.

Note: Authenticity Guarantee is available on the following marketplaces: US, AU, CA, DE and GB. To learn more, see the applicable eBay Authenticity Guarantee help page.

Certain items may also qualify for eBay Shipping on top of qualifying for Authentication Guarantee. For example, if you successfully list a pair of sneakers that qualifies for an Authenticity Guarantee and eBay shipping, messages will be returned: a listing that qualifies for Authenticity Guarantee returns 21920343; a listing that qualifies for eBay shipping returns a 21920344. When the qualified listed item is sold, eBayEstimatedLabelCost is returned with a value of 0.0 (Trading API), or shippingLabelProvidedBy is returned with a value of EBAY (Fulfillment API). Either indicates eBay provides a free shipping label downloadable by the seller via the eBay website for shipping from the seller to the authenticator. The authenticator validates the authenticity of the item before it is shipped to the buyer.

Note: eBay shipping for Sneakers is now available on the UK marketplace for a limited number of sellers. By the end of October 2023, this feature will be available to all sellers selling sneakers on the UK marketplace.

See the seller's Authenticity Guarantee page for additional information on how the program works. To see how the program works for buyers, see the buyer's Authenticity Guarantee page.