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The bulkUpdatePriceQuantity call is used by the seller to update the total ship-to-home quantity of an Inventory Item and/or to update the price and/or quantity of that same inventory item in an actual live offer (aka active eBay listing). Up to 25 inventory item records (and the active offers associated with them) may be updated with one bulkUpdatePriceQuantity call.

Whether the seller is updating the total quantity of an inventory item (through the shipToLocationAvailability container), and/or is updating the price and/or quantity of live offers associated with that inventory item, the SKU value for that inventory item is required. And it is possible that the seller may have multiple offers for a single SKU on multiple eBay marketplaces, so a separate node is required under the offers container for each specific offer (identified with the offerId value.

A statusCode field will be returned for each SKU/offer that the seller attempted to update. The value in this field will indicate if the update was successful.