eBay Trading APIVersion 1367

GalleryStatusCodeType ( token )

Enumeration type that returns the status of the gallery image generation. That status returns either a value of 'Success' or a value that indicates why the gallery image has not been generated.

Type that uses GalleryStatusCodeType:

Call that uses one or more values of GalleryStatusCodeType:

Enumeration Values

Value Description
CustomCode Reserved for internal only.
ImageNonExistent The image file could not be found.
ImageProcessingError We were not able to process the image file.
ImageReadTimeOut The image file failed to transfer.
InvalidFile There is a problem with the image file.
InvalidFileFormat The image file is not in JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, or PNG format.
InvalidProtocol The URL does not start with http:// or https:// .
InvalidUrl The URL for the image file is not valid.
Pending The Gallery image has not yet been generated.
ServerDown The server containing the image file was unavailable.
Success The Gallery image was successfully generated.
  * See the Enumeration Index to see exact use of each enumeration value in the API.