eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


This type is used by the DigitalGoodInfo container, which is used in Add/Relist/Revise/Verify listing calls to designate the listing as a digital gift card listing.

Type that uses DigitalGoodInfoType:

Calls that use DigitalGoodInfoType:


DigitalDelivery ( boolean ) [0..1]
This field must be included in the request and set to true if the seller plans to list a digital gift card in a category that supports digital gift cards.

To verify if a specific category on a specific eBay site supports digital gift card listings, use the GetCategoryFeatures call, passing in a CategoryID value and a DigitalGoodDeliveryEnabled value in the FeatureID field. Look for a true value in the DigitalGoodDeliveryEnabled field of the corresponding Category node (match up the CategoryID values if more than one Category IDs were passed in the request).
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DigitalDelivery.