eBay Trading APIVersion 1367

AddOrderRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

The AddOrder call can be used by a seller to combine two or more unpaid, single line item orders from the same buyer into one 'Combined Invoice' order with multiple line items. Once multiple line items are combined into one order, the buyer can make one single payment for multiple line item order. If possible and agreed to, the seller can then ship multiple line items in the same shipping package, saving on shipping costs, and possibly passing that savings down to the buyer through Combined Shipping Discount rules set up in My eBay.

Call that uses AddOrderRequestType:


Order ( OrderType ) [0..1]
The root container of the AddOrder request. In this call, the seller identifies two or more unpaid order line items from the same buyer through the TransactionArray container, specifies one or more accepted payment methods through the PaymentMethods field(s), and specifies available shipping services and other shipping details through the ShippingDetails container.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Order.