Orders can be monitored for buyer cancellation requests by using either the GetOrders call of the Trading API or the GET /post-order/v2/cancellation/search call of the Post-Order API:

  • Call GetOrders and set the OrderStatus field in the request to CancelPending. In addition, you can use the CreateTimeFrom and CreateTimeTo date filters fields to narrow the search. Look for an Order.CancelStatus field in the response, and its value should be CancelRequested. If this field is returned, the Order.CancelDetail container should also be returned, and this container will give more information about the cancellation request, including the reason why the buyer is requesting the cancellation.

    One data point that is missing from the GetOrders response is a Cancel ID value, so sellers will need to get this ID from My eBay through an eBay-generated email, or using the GET /post-order/v2/cancellation/search call. A Cancel ID value is required to approve or reject a cancellation request programmatically.

  • Call GET /post-order/v2/cancellation/search and use the creation_date_range_from and creation_date_range_to query parameters to discover order cancellation requests that were initiated within the specified time period. Detailed information about each order cancellation request initiated during that time period will be returned in the response. Newly opened cancel requests (i.e., those awaiting seller approval,) will have a cancelStatus value of CANCEL_REQUESTED.

    For all newly created cancellation requests, it is a good idea to capture the cancelId value in the response as this value will be required when using any Post-Order API cancel call that acts upon a specific cancellation request.

Note: Sellers are also notified via email of any buyer cancellation requests.