For the US eBay Motors marketplace, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required for vehicles from model year 1981 or later. The VIN is provided using the Item.VIN field when creating the listing.

For the UK marketplace, a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM), Item.VRM is required for vehicles. The VRM is provided using the Item.VRM field when creating the listing.

For rules that are specific to Australia eBay Motors, refer to eBay Motors Listings: Australia.

Note: The values for VIN/VRM are not defined using Item Specifics.

On the View Item page, the VIN /VRM is displayed under Item Specifics.

Vehicle history reports

eBay uses the VIN/VRM values to generate and return links to Vehicle History Report(s) in the response payload of a GetItem call using the following fields:

If no vehicle history report is available, eBay may replace the link with a plain-text copy of the VIN/VRM values.