On the eBay Motors US marketplace, a combination of vehicle-specific fields and custom Item Specifics is used to provide vehicle details such as Mileage and Exterior Color.

The eBay Motors US marketplace UI supports two listing flows:

  • You can list the standard way by filling in Item Specifics yourself. The API supports this flow.
  • (Not supported in the API) On the eBay Motors US marketplace, you can list by using a VIN to include product details. This is referred to as the "VIN catalog" flow.

    Important! The VIN catalog flow is not supported by the API. However, you are required to pass in the VIN in an AddItem request for modern vehicles.

Details about motorcycles are different from details about Cars & Trucks. For example, a motorcycle would typically have details like "Engine Size (cc)", while a truck would have details like "Cab type". Within the API, these details are called Item Specifics.

To determine whether a vehicle category supports custom Item Specifics, call GetCategoryFeatures and look for ItemSpecificsEnabled in the response, for the specified category. Refer to Item specifics for additional information.