GetAccount retrieves the seller account data for the eBay user issuing the request (i.e., the eBay user specified in the credentials of the security header for the call.) A call requester can only retrieve their own seller account data. No requester may retrieve the seller account data for another user.

Seller account data consists of a set of account entries. Each account entry can be either a debit assessed against the account or a credit applied to the account.

Account data returned by GetAccount includes:

  • AccountEntries

    Type: AccountEntriesType

    Stores individual account entries for a report. Zero, one, or multiple AccountEntryType objects may be returned by a single call depending on the number of account entries available to be returned and how the pagination of data is configured.

    Each AccountEntryType object contains data for one account entry. Data returned for an account entry include:

  • AccountID

    The unique identifier for the requesting user's seller account.

  • AccountSummary

    Contains summary data for the requesting user's seller account such account attributes as account state, bank account information, the date of the last invoice to the seller, and the date of the last payment to eBay made by the seller.

    In addition to summary information for the requesting user's seller account, AccountSummary may return information about additional accounts the seller may own. An additional account is one that the user held with a country of residency other than the current one. An eBay user can have only one active account at a time. If a user changes the country of residency, then the new country of residence becomes the currently active account. Any account associated with a previous country of residency is treated as an additional account. Because the currencies for these additional accounts are different from that for the active account, each additional account includes an indicator of the currency for that account. Users who never change their country of residence will not have any additional accounts. Each additional account is represented by an AccountSummary.AdditionalAccount object.

  • Currency

    Indicates the currency in which the currently active account's data is expressed.


GetAccount returns seller account data in one of the following formats:

  • Invoice Report

    An invoice report returns seller account data that are analogous to the invoices that eBay issues on a monthly basis to sellers. The report returns account activities and charges for the most recent one-month period.

    To generate an invoice report set AccountHistorySelection to LastInvoice.

  • Period Report

    A period report returns charges that have been applied to the seller's account between two specified dates. Unlike an Invoice Report, a period report may cover more or less than one single month.

    To generate a period report:

    • Set AccountHistorySelection to BetweenSpecifiedDates.
    • Set BeginDate to the first date for which information is to be returned.

      Note: eBay archives user account data older than four months thus making it unavailable for retrieval. Always specify a BeginDate that is no more than four months in the past.

    • Set EndDate to the last date for which information is to be returned. This date cannot be in the future.
  • OrderId Report

    An order ID report returns information related to a specific order.

    To generate an order ID report set AccountHistorySelection to OrderId.

Paginate results

Pagination and its related settings can be used to control how many entries are displayed on each page of data in the response.

  • Pagination.EntriesPerPage

    Specifies the maximum number of entries returned on a single page of data.

  • Pagination.PageNumber

    Controls which page of data is returned by the current call.

  • HasMoreEntries

    Indicates whether there are more account entries yet to be retrieved, considering the number of entries retrieved so far.

  • EntriesPerPage

    Indicates the number of account entries returned per page of data.

  • PaginationResult

    Indicates the total number of account entries and the total number of account entry pages that exist based on the filters used in the GetAccount call request.