To revise an item, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • The requester is the seller.
  • The item listing must still be active. It is not possible to revise an ended item listing. However, it might be eligible to be relisted with property changes. Refer to Relist items for complete information.

Item changes allowed during revisions

Making changes to a listing using ReviseItem or ReviseFixedPriceItem is subject to a few restrictions, including whether or not the listing has any bids or Best Offers, and whether the change is being attempted on an auction listing within twelve hours of end time. In general, you cannot change the listing format (e.g., auction vs. fixed-price,) of any listing. For a complete list of what can be changed for auction, fixed-price, and classified ad listings, refer to What changes can I make?

For a list of the fields that can be modified in the API, refer to the ReviseItem and ReviseFixedPriceItem reference documentation.