You can revise a multi-quantity fixed-price listing after buyers have purchased items from it. In these cases, GetItem normally returns the latest (revised) details of the listing.

If a buyer purchases items from a multi-quantity fixed-price listing, eBay saves a snapshot of the listing as it was at the time of the purchase. The TransactionID of the order is associated with that snapshot. Sellers and buyers can retrieve the snapshot of the listing by calling GetItem and passing TransactionID in the request. (The snapshot is also available in GetItemTransactions and related calls.)

Sellers of an item are allowed to view any purchase snapshots of the listing (any transaction or order), whereas buyers can only view the purchase snapshots for which they are the successful buyer. Order line items (purchases) can be viewed for up to 90 days from the creation date.

If you are using Notifications, you can set the order line item event to trigger your notifications or use an event related to the entire listing. Refer to the Notification API for additional information.

Be aware that if using item purchase snapshot data, fields such as ListingStatus may report an Active status since the listing was Active on the order line item (transaction) date even though the listing may actually have ended.