Once you know that you can list your product using a product identifier, you can then configure an AddItem or AddFixedPriceItem call to create a single-variation listing.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, hyperlinked fields in the following sections point to fields for the AddItem call. Corresponding fields may be found in the AddFixedPriceItem reference documentation.

Use an EAN, ISBN, or UPC value

To identify a product using its EAN, ISBN, or UPC value, configure its corresponding field as follows:

Use brand/MPN pairs

Products are identified using a brand/MPN pair by configuring:

For example:


When identifying an item using brand/MPN pairs, be aware of the following:

  • If a seller specifies a brand/MPN pair in the Item.ProductListingDetails and Item.ItemSpecifics containers, but the data in those fields are not an exact match, the data in the Item.ItemSpecifics container will overwrite the data in the Item.ProductListingDetails container.
  • If a seller specifies the brand/MPN pair only in the Item.ProductListingDetails container:
    • If the product is found in the eBay catalog, it will be a compliant listing and the listing will be created based on the eBay catalog product.
    • If the brand/MPN pair does not match a product in the eBay catalog, the listing will fail and the seller must then supply the brand/MPN data in the Item.ItemSpecifics container.
  • If the seller specifies the brand/MPN pair only in the Item.ItemSpecifics container, this data will not be copied into the Item.ProductListingDetails.BrandMPN container resulting in the inability to do a product match in the eBay catalog.
  • If specified in the Item.ItemSpecifics container, both brand and MPN values are limited to a maximum of 65 characters.