In rare cases, if you pass in an old product ID in ProductID (or possibly an old EPID), and eBay has mapped the value to a new product ID in the eBay system, you may receive an error or warning that the product ID was updated. If you encounter this issue, you may be able to control how this error is processed by using the ErrorHandling field in your request.

Note: eBay makes an effort to minimize such changes to product IDs. Please also note that if you specify a product ID that eBay does not recognize (including a very old product ID that is not mapped to a current product ID in the system), this is treated as a "product not found" error (12024) instead. eBay's response to this error condition is not affected by the error handling preference you specify.

Error Messages

Either warning 5119 or error 5123 will be returned, depending on the preference you specify. These are user-facing messages.

Error Handling Preference Effects

The table below shows how eBay handles this scenario based on the error preference you pass in the listing request.

Catalog Product ID Updated

BestEffort AllOrNone FailOnError Legacy
Severity Warning (5119) Warning (5119) Error (5123) Warning (5123)
Listing effect List the item List the item Reject the listing. List the item.

Common Causes

  • A portion of the product data (such as the Additional Information section) changes on eBay. Such a change triggers a new version of the product, which in turn causes a portion of the ID string to change.
  • The seller searched for product details previously and is now using the same product ID for another listing, but the ID has changed on eBay since the original product search was performed.
  • The seller is relisting an existing item and the product ID has changed on eBay since the item was originally listed.
  • The application uses GetItem to download an existing item with product details and attempts to use the response data in a new listing, but the product ID has changed on eBay since the downloaded item was originally listed.
  • Within the application, the seller schedules the item to be listed at a future date, but the product ID changes on eBay by the time the application submits the listing.