eBay for Charity gives sellers a formal way to donate a percentage of their listings' proceeds to particular nonprofit organizations. The feature also provides functionality that makes it easier for buyers to find items that are listed by nonprofit organizations, or that benefit nonprofit organizations.

Note: eBay for Charity is currently supported only through the US marketplace (including Motors) and Great Britain (UK) marketplace.

Sellers can create charitable listings in two ways:

  • Using the normal Sell Your Item flow on the eBay marketplace, or
  • Through the API.

    eBay for Charity items are listed via the API through a partnership with the PayPal Giving Fund which is where nonprofit organizations register. A seller can select a third-party, nonprofit organization that has registered with the PayPal Giving Fund and donate anywhere from 10 to 100 percent of the sale proceeds to this organization. This is referred to as Community Selling. A Nonprofit Direct Seller is an nonprofit organization that also must register with the PayPal Giving Fund. When a registered nonprofit direct seller lists an item, 100% of the sale proceeds go to that organization.

A seller selects a qualified nonprofit organization and specifies a percentage of the item purchase price to be used as a donation. After the item is purchased, the eBay for Charity provider bills the seller and sends the specified donation amount to the nonprofit organization on the seller's behalf. Nonprofit organizations can also list items on their own behalf through eBay for Charity.

Note: There may be a minimum donation amount required for items listed through eBay for Charity via the API or the Sell Your Item flow. This minimum donation amount may not be required for nonprofit charity organizations listing items on their own behalf. Refer to Buying and selling on eBay to benefit nonprofit organizations for additional information about this requirement.

For additional information, visit the eBay for Charity website.