The eBay Developers Program offers several support resources to help you through the development process, including understanding the support levels offered, how to enable premium support, and how to submit a support request.

Activate developer account support

Activating support allows you to interact with the eBay Developer Technical Support (DTS) team. You must activate support for at least one of your contacts before you can get account support or premium support or apply for an app growth check.

To activate developer support:

  1. Log into your Developer account and go to your Profile & Contacts page.

  2. From the Primary Contact section, ensure your name, email, phone, and country are filled out. If not, click Edit, complete these fields, and click Save.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Click Activate Support.

APIs updates

Frequently check the API Updates page for articles related to API product updates and announcements, site banners that alert to critical notices, release notes for all eBay APIs, listings for API methods or capabilities that have been scheduled for deprecation, newsletters, and blogs.

Developers Community Forum

Interact with and ask questions of the eBay developer community using the eBay Developer Forums. Forums are split into various categories that include Buying, Selling, Search and include forums focused on specific APIs. Participating on the eBay developer forums is free of charge.