API methods generally correspond to particular individual activities that an eBay user would trigger while on an eBay site or application. Each API call has a distinct purpose and may only be applicable at a particular point in the lifecycle of a listing, such as when the item is first listed, when a buyer is considering the purchase of a listed item, or when the seller and buyer are completing an order.

You can select a programming language (such as PHP, .NET, Java, or any other language that you're comfortable with) to interact with eBay APIs. We also have software developer kits (SDKs) to make your programming tasks in these languages easier.

Through the power of eBay APIs, your application can operate independently of the eBay user interface. Your application doesn't need to change every time the eBay user interface changes, and it doesn't need to present data in the same way that eBay does. Your eBay-enabled application can present data in custom ways that best meet your users’ needs.

eBay APIs provide programmatic access to an eBay marketplace, enabling you to build custom applications, tools, and services that leverage the eBay marketplaces in new ways. With eBay APIs, you can create applications that perform many of the same operations that you can perform on the eBay site, eBay mobile application, or other eBay tools.

The eBay Developers Program offers the following APIs to allow you to create innovative solutions that tap into the power of eBay:

  • Sell APIs—Create end-to-end selling applications to help professional sellers with their selling activity on eBay. From configuring account settings and listing inventory on eBay to marketing listings and reporting on seller performance, the selling APIs help you create applications that enable sellers to grow their businesses on eBay.

  • Buy APIs—Use these turnkey solutions to create buying experiences in your application or website. Retrieve purchasable items, check out, then track orders without visiting the eBay site.

  • Commerce APIs—Access core capabilities related to general commerce activities, such as identifying appropriate eBay categories, searching for products in the eBay catalog, and retrieving user account profile information.

  • Developer APIs—Get insights into your API integrations.

  • Traditional APIs—If a function you want to use isn’t available in the RESTful APIs above, explore the capabilities in these Traditional SOAP-based APIs. As we improve the RESTful APIs and create new ones, we’re also gradually deprecating these Traditional APIs. So consider carefully before you decide to use a Traditional API.

Our latest buy and sell APIs provide you with powerful technology and features that let you build applications to provide buyers and sellers with a seamless, connected experience across their commerce workflow.