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The eBay marketplace has billions of listings, across hundreds of categories. Ensuring that products are highly visible to the vibrant eBay community of buyers can sometimes feel daunting. To help sellers provide visibility for their products, eBay created Promoted Listings , an advertising service that sellers can use to market and promote selected listings from their inventory. But visibility is just the beginning.

To ensure success for sellers, listings must be seen by the people who are actively searching for that seller's products. General strategy and priority strategy campaigns offer sellers different ways to meet their advertising goals.

Most people who buy products on eBay start with a specific item in mind. In fact, 70% of eBay purchases begin with a search and one in five purchases come directly from a listing that appears in the top slot of the search results. Lucky for eBay sellers, priority strategy campaigns provide preferred access to that top spot. And, because sellers have the ability to target specific keywords, their listings are relevant at just the right time.

For sellers looking for site-wide visibility, ads from general strategy campaigns can appear in numerous placements across eBay, including the search results page, similar listing pages, and the checkout page. Plus, sellers only pay their selected ad fee when their promoted item sells!

This playbook outlines the entire Promoted Listings program experience, from start to finish. Please refer to the following topics for more information: