Promoted Listings campaigns are created using the createCampaign Marketing API method. A campaign by itself, however, is not enough to promote your listings; you must indicate which funding model you would like to use and which of your listings you want to promote. Then you can create ads for those listings.

There are three primary campaign types, each of which provide different ways to create and promote listings:

  • Promoted Listings Standard (PLS)
  • Promoted Listings Advanced (PLA)
  • Offsite Ads

The table below outlines the main differences between the two types of Promoted Listings campaigns.

Promoted Listings Standard (PLS) Promoted Listings Advanced (PLA)
Uses the Cost Per Sale (CPS) funding model Uses the Cost Per Click (CPC) funding model
Utilizes both rules-based and key-based campaign criterion Utilizes only key-based campaign criterion
Leverages the Recommendation API methods to retrieve recommendations on which listings will perform the best in a Promoted Listings campaign, as well as the trending bid percentage for the listings that will be promoted Leverages the Marketing API methods (e.g., suggestItems, suggestKeywords, suggestBids, updateBiddingStrategy,) to retrieve suggestions for listings that can be targeted for a Promoted Listings campaign, the keywords that should be used for those listings, and the bids for the keywords and match type

Unlike Promoted Listings Standard or Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns, Offsite Ads campaigns allow the seller to create their own advertising campaign and promote their eBay listings in leading external search channels. Offsite Ads is only supported for the Cost Per Click funding model.

Note: There are listing requirements and site restrictions for these marketing tools. For complete information on the Marketing API requirements, including product Terms and Conditions, see the Promoted Listings requirements and restrictions section in the Marketing API overview, and the Promoted Listings restrictions topic in this playbook.

Refer to the following topics to learn more about the campaign creation flow: