eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

GetItemShippingResponseType ( AbstractResponseType )

This is the base response type of the GetItemShipping call. This call takes an ItemID value for an item that has yet to be shipped, and then returns estimated shipping costs for every shipping service that the seller has offered with the listing. This call will also return the PickUpInStoreDetails.EligibleForPickupInStore flag if the item is available for buyer pick-up through the In-Store Pickup feature.

Call that uses GetItemShippingResponseType:


PickUpInStoreDetails ( PickupInStoreDetailsType ) [0..1]
This container is only returned in GetItemShipping if the In-Store Pickup feature is enabled for the listing. In-Store Pickup as a fulfillment method is only available to a limited number of large retail merchants in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia marketplaces. The In-Store Pickup feature can only be applied to multiple-quantity, fixed-price listings, and the merchant must have quantity of the item available in a store that is near the prospective buyer, in order for In-Store Pickup to be an available fulfillment option for that buyer.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use PickUpInStoreDetails.

ShippingDetails ( ShippingDetailsType ) [0..1]
This container will be returned if at least one domestic or international shipping service option is available for the item. A ShippingServiceOptions (for domestic shipping) and/or an InternationalShippingServiceOptions container (for international shipping) is returned for each available calculated shipping service option. These shipping service option containers consists of estimated shipping cost and estimated shipping times.

Any error about shipping services (returned by a vendor of eBay's who calculates shipping costs) is returned in ShippingRateErrorMessage. Errors from a shipping service are likely to be related to issues with shipping specifications, such as package size and the selected shipping method not supported by a particular shipping service.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ShippingDetails.