eBay Trading APIVersion 1367


Details of an individual discount profile defined by the user for flat-rate shipping.

Types that use FlatShippingDiscountType:

Calls that use FlatShippingDiscountType:


DiscountName ( DiscountNameCodeType ) [0..1]
The type of discount or rule that is being used by the profile. The value corresponding to the selected rule is set in the same-named field of FlatShippingDiscount.DiscountProfile.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DiscountName.

DiscountProfile ( DiscountProfileType ) [0..*]
Details of this particular flat-rate shipping discount profile. If the value of ModifyActionCode is Modify, all details of the new version of the profile must be provided. If ModifyActionCode is Delete, DiscountProfileID is required, MappingDiscountProfileID is optional, and all other fields of DiscountProfile are ignored.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DiscountProfile.