eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

ShippingCostPaidByOptionsCodeType ( token )

This enumerated type contains the values that specify the party (seller/buyer) who will be responsible for paying the return shipping cost if an item is returned. One of these values is set by the seller when establishing/setting a return policy for an item.

Note: The GeteBayDetails call returns site-default Return Policy settings. For most categories within a given eBay site, the supported Return Policy options/values are the same, but there a few exceptions. To discover what return shipping 'payee' values that a particular category supports, call GetCategoryFeatures and include DomesticReturnsShipmentPayeeValues and/or InternationalReturnsShipmentPayeeValues as FeatureID values to see the return shipping 'payee' values available for domestic and international returns, respectively.

No calls use ShippingCostPaidByOptionsCodeType.

Enumeration Values

Value Description
Buyer This value indicates that the buyer is responsible for paying the return shipping cost. Note that the buyer will not be responsible for return shipping cost if the the buyer's reason for the return is related to the received item not being as described in the listing, or if the item has arrived damaged or with missing parts.
CustomCode Reserved for internal or future use.
Seller This value indicates that the seller is responsible for paying the return shipping cost.
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