eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

GetItemsAwaitingFeedbackRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

This is the base request type of the GetItemsAwaitingFeedback call. This call retrieves all completed order line items for which the user (buyer or seller) still needs to leave Feedback for their order partner.

Call that uses GetItemsAwaitingFeedbackRequestType:


Pagination ( PaginationType ) [0..1]
This container can be used if the user only wants to see a subset of order line item results. In this container, the user will specify the number of order line items to return per page of data, and will specify the specific page of data they want to view with each call.

With the GetItemsAwaitingFeedback call, the maximum allowed value for EntriesPerPage is 200.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Pagination.

This field allows the user to control how the order line items are returned in the response. If this field is not used, order line items are returned based on end time (from most recent to oldest). Valid values for this field are:
  • EndTime
  • EndTimeDescending (default value)
  • FeedbackLeft
  • FeedbackLeftDescending
  • FeedbackReceived
  • FeedbackReceivedDescending
  • Title
  • TitleDescending
  • UserID
  • UserIDDescending
Reference the ItemSortTypeCodeType definition for more information on these sort values.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Sort.