Sellers can choose to require immediate payment for:

  • A fixed-price listing
  • An auction-style listing with the Buy It Now option enabled
  • A deposit on a motor vehicle

Note: Once an auction-style listing with Buy It Now enabled receives a bid, the Buy It Now option is disabled and the immediate payment requirement no longer applies.

If a seller wants to require immediate payment, several conditions apply:

  • The category must support immediate payment.

    Call GetCategories and examine the value returned for the CategoryArray.Category.AutoPayEnabled flag. If the value is true the category supports immediate payment.

  • The seller must be registered as an eBay user on a marketplace that supports immediate payment and the item must be listed in the seller's geographic location (that is, Item.Site must be consistent with the seller's registration address). Items offered with immediate payment can be shipped abroad as long as shipping costs are specified for the shipping location.
  • The seller must be in good standing with eBay.

    If the seller is in good standing, calling GetUser will return a value of true in the User.SellerInfo.GoodStanding field.

  • The configured value for Item.BuyItNowPrice (for auction listings) or Item.StartPrice (for fixed-price listings) cannot exceed $10,000 USD.
  • The seller must specify shipping costs and cannot offer a shipping discount for multiple purchases.

    Refer to Combined invoice for additional information.

  • The seller must specify all related costs to the buyer, since the buyer will not be able to use the Buyer Request Total feature in an immediate payment listing; these costs include flat-rate shipping costs for each domestic and international shipping service offered, package handling costs, and any shipping surcharges.
  • The seller must include and set the Item.ShippingDetails.PromotionalShippingDiscount field to true if a promotional shipping discount is being applied to the listing.
  • The seller must include the Item.ShippingDetails.ShippingDiscountProfileID and reference a valid flat or calculated Shipping Discount Profile ID if a flat or calculated shipping rule is being applied to the listing.

Argument: Item.AutoPay

For additional information, refer to: