After an item has been sold, the seller must send the item to the buyer. The costs for shipping the item, if not paid for by the seller, are included in the total price charged to the buyer for the item. For more information about calculating shipping costs, refer to Shipping.

During the checkout process, the buyer selects the shipping service from those specified by the seller. The shipping method the buyer selects is part of the data retrieved for the order line item, contained in its shipping details. The seller must then use that shipping method to send the item to the buyer.

The seller has the option of purchasing eBay shipping labels or they can pay for shipping outside of eBay's platform. Generally, the seller will get better shipping rates using eBay shipping labels, and the item will automatically get marked as shipped once the seller purchases the shipping label. The shipment tracking information will also be tied to the order and available for the buyer to see.

After the item has been paid for and shipped, the seller can issue a CompleteSale call to update the paid and shipped status in My eBay. If shipment tracking has been selected/included, you can modify or delete the shipment tracking details in CompleteSale as well.