Listing features are enhancements that a seller can add to their item listings, such as (listing displayed in) Bold, setting a Reserve Price, and including a Subtitle. eBay charges a fee for each listing feature that the seller incorporates into their listing. At eBay's discretion, the seller might receive a discount on one or more of the listing features related to listing an item.

If the seller receives a discount on a listing upgrade, the amount of money that the seller saved on the upgrade is returned in the Fees.Fee.PromotionalDiscount field of the AddItem response. Each Fees.Fee.PromotionalDiscount under a Fees.Fee node indicates the amount of the discount for that listing feature. This applies to the Add/Revise/Relist/Verify family of API calls.

For example, if there is a discount of $1.50 for a $2.00 Bold feature, you will see the following Fees.Fee container with the Fees.Fee.PromotionalDiscount field:

    <Fee currencyID="USD">0.5</Fee>
    <PromotionalDiscount currencyID="USD">1.5</PromotionalDiscount>

When a discount has been applied, the Fees.Fee.Fee value represents the post-discounted cost for the particular listing feature. To determine what the fee would have been without the discount, add together the values of Fees.Fee.Fee and Fees.Fee.PromotionalDiscount.

The total cost of all listing features used is returned in the Fees.Fee container whose Fees.Fee.Name value is ListingFee. If this container has a Fees.Fee.PromotionalDiscount field, the value is the total of all the promotional discounts that were applied when the item was listed, and the Fees.Fee.Fee value is the total cost of all listing features minus the promotional discounts.

In addition to the Fees.Fee.PromotionalDiscount field being returned in the ListingFee node, a DiscountReason field is returned after all of the Fees.Fee nodes. The value returned in this field will indicate whether listing discounts were due to a special offer or promotion.