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You can use the Sell Feed API to create a schedule (based on a template) that generates reports. When creating the schedule, you need to know the feed type and any other parameters needed by your schedule (such as how often you'd like the schedule to run). With this information, you can select a corresponding schedule template and then create the schedule.

For basic information on the Feed API flow, see General Sell Feed API Tasks (Flows).

See API Call Limits for default API rate limits.

Creating a schedule

To create a schedule:

  1. Find a scheduleTemplateId.
    Find a template for the feed type and any other needed properties for your schedule:
    1. Call the getScheduleTemplates method to retrieve all available templates.
    2. From the returned array, select a scheduleTemplateId. When looking at the schedule template:
      • Verify the fields required by the template will be available and needed by your schedule. Also verify the template provide optional fields as needed.
      • Select a template with an ACTIVE status.
  2. Create the schedule.
    Call the createSchedule method to create a schedule. Make sure the feed type in your createSchedule call matches the feed type for the scheduleTemplateId. Also include fields required by the schedule template, and any optional fields needed for your requirements.
  3. You can now use the other methods in this resource to: