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This container defines a coded coupon promotion. It is required if the promotion type is CODED_COUPON.

Types that use CouponConfiguration


Calls that use CouponConfiguration


A unique code that buyers can use during checkout to receive a discount. The code must be unique across eBay.

The code must be from 8-15 alphanumeric characters and can contain no more than two dashes ( - ).

This is required when the promotion type is CODED_COUPON.
This indicates the type of Coded Coupon promotion, and is required when the promotion type is CODED_COUPON.

Supported types:
  • PRIVATE_SINGLE_SELLER_COUPON: Anyone can use and share the coupon code, but it isn't posted on eBay.
  • PUBLIC_SINGLE_SELLER_COUPON: Anyone can find the coupon code on eBay and use it.
This sets the limit on the number of times a buyer can use this coupon. The range of values is 1-10. If no value is provided, a buyer can use the coupon an unlimited number of times.