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A complex type that defines a seller profile.

Type that uses StandardsProfile


Calls that use StandardsProfile


A complex type that specifies the profile's evaluation cycle (CURRENT or PROJECTED), the date the evaluation was calculated, and the month to which the evaluation pertains.

Each program has at least one cycle, but a program can include both cycle types.
If set to true, this flag indicates this is the default program for the seller.

Except for sellers in China, a seller's default program is the marketplace where they registered with eBay. Seller's in China select their default program when they register.
Specifies how the overall seller level was calculated.

In the event of special circumstances (as determined by eBay), eBay may override the calculated seller level. In general, such overrides protect a seller's level. The usual value for both cycle types is "Seller level generated by standards monthly evaluation cycle."
array of Metric
A list of the metrics upon which a seller's profile is evaluated.

Each program's applicable metrics and requirements are listed at eBay Top Rated seller program standards.
Indicates the program used to generate the profile data. Values can be PROGRAM_DE, PROGRAM_UK, PROGRAM_US, or PROGRAM_GLOBAL.
The overall standards level of the seller, one of TOP_RATED, ABOVE_STANDARD, or BELOW_STANDARD.