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The API release history

The following table lists the releases for the Analytics API:

Version Release Date Summary of Release
Version 1.3.0 2021-10-04 New sorting error codes added to getTrafficReport method.
Version 1.2.0 2019-11-05 The new customer_service_metric resource introduces the new method getCustomerServiceMetric.
Version 1.1.0 2018-10-18 Documentation update release.
Version 1.0.0 2016-10-19 Initial release of Version 1.

Version 1.3.0

Three error codes were added to the getTrafficReport method to indicate when a sort field is not supported.

Version 1.2.0

This release introduces a new resource, customer_service_metric, which includes the new getCustomerServiceMetric method.

New Features

This release adds one new method, getCustomerServiceMetric, which gets a seller's customer service metric rating.

Sellers can get customer service ratings for either ITEM_NOT_AS_DESCRIBED or ITEM_NOT_RECEIVED transactions, and they can review data for either the CURRENT or PROJECTED time frames.

Schema Changes

The schema has been updated with a new resource (customer_service_metric) with all of its supporting data types and objects. For details, please see the Analytics API Reference.

For details on how to use and interpret the response from the new getCustomerServiceMetric method, see the Selling Integration Guide.

Version 1.1.0

This minor release updates the Analytics API documentation with new API Reference, Overview, and Selling Integration Guide material.

Version 1.0.0

This is the initial release of the Analytics API, Version 1.

For a list of resources and methods, see the Analytics API Reference.