Listing Recommendation API1.0.0


Note: The Listing Recommendation API is deprecated and will be decommissioned on July 31, 2024.

We recommend that you integrate with the RESTful Recommendation API to retrieve recommendations for improving your listings and sales performance, or with the Compliance API to discover non-compliant listings or listings that are at risk at becoming non-compliant in the future.

This call returns the current version of the Listing Recommendation API. This call can be used to monitor the API for availability. The seller's eBay authorization token is a required HTTP header and there are no required or optional parameters in the call request. The single response parameter is version.

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latestVersion Input

The latestVersion HTTPS request is shown below. This call does not have any input parameters.

See also Samples.

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latestVersion Output

The XML sample response in the box below lists all parameters that might be returned in the response. To learn more about an individual parameter and its possible values, click its name in the box (or scroll down to find it in the table below the box).

See also Samples.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<latestVersionResponse xmlns="">
  <!-- Call-Specific Output Fields -->
  <!-- (No Standard Output fields) -->

Return Value Type Occurrence Meaning
Call-Specific Output Fields 
version string Always The version number of the Listing Recommendation API, such as '1.0.0'.
(No Standard Output fields)

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latestVersion Samples

Sample: Basic Call

This call retrieves the latest version of the Listing Recommendation API.


The following call retrieves the latest version of the Listing Recommendation API.


The latestVersion HTTPS GET call requires the base endpoint for the Listing Recommendation API, plus the call name (latestVersion).


The simple output of the latestVersion call is the version number, which in this case, is Version 1.0.0.

    "Version": "1.0.0"

latestVersion Change History

Version Description
  • (added) New call.