eBay Finding APIVersion 1.13.0


Container for information about this listing's seller.

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feedbackRatingStar ( token ) [0..1]
Visual indicator of user's feedback score.
feedbackRatingStar values:
No graphic displayed, feedback score 0-9.
Yellow Star, feedback score 10-49.
Blue Star, feedback score 50-99.
Turquoise Star, feedback score 100-499.
Purple Star, feedback score 500-999.
Red Star, feedback score 1,000-4,999.
Green Star, feedback score 5,000-9,999.
Yellow Shooting Star, feedback score 10,000-24,999.
Turquoise Shooting Star, feedback score 25,000-49,999.
Purple Shooting Star, feedback score 50,000-99,999.
Red Shooting Star, feedback score 100,000-499,000 and above.
Green Shooting Star, feedback score 500,000-999,000 and above.
Silver Shooting Star, feedback score 1,000,000 or more.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use feedbackRatingStar.

feedbackScore ( long ) [0..1]
The aggregate feedback score of the seller. A seller's feedback score is their net positive feedback minus their net negative feedback. Feedback scores are a quantitative expression of the desirability of dealing with a seller in a transaction.
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positiveFeedbackPercent ( double ) [0..1]
The percentage value of a user's positive feedback (their positive feedbackScore divided by their total positive plus negative feedback).
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sellerUserName ( string ) [0..1]
The seller's eBay user name; a unique value.
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topRatedSeller ( boolean ) [0..1]
Indicates whether the seller of the item is top-rated. A top-rated seller:
  • Consistently receives highest buyers' ratings
  • Ships items quickly
  • Has earned a track record of excellent service
eBay regularly reviews the performance of these sellers to confirm they continue to meet the program's requirements.

This field is returned for the following sites only: US (EBAY-US), Motors (EBAY-MOTOR), DE (EBAY-DE), AT (EBAY-AT), and CH (EBAY-CH).
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