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This complex type contains the fields needed to create an offer to a buyer that is initiated by the seller.

Types that use CreateOffersRequest

Not used by any types.

Call that uses CreateOffersRequest


If set to true, the buyer is allowed to make a counter-offer to the seller's offer.

Note: Currently, you must set this field to false; counter-offers are not supported in this release.

Default: false
A seller-defined message related to the offer being made.

This message is sent to the list of "interested" buyers.

To increase the conversion rate of the offers a seller makes to buyers, eBay recommends you always add a customized message to your offers.

Maximum length: 2,000 characters
The length of time the offer is valid from when it is created.

The duration of the offer begins at the date and time denoted by creationDate. When the span of time specified by offerDuration passes beyond the creationDate, the offer expires.

Note: offerDuration currently defaults to 2 days and you cannot set it to any other value (if specified, the unit and value fields in TimeDuration must be set to DAY and 2, respectively).

Default: 2 Days
array of OfferedItem
An array of objects where each object contains the details of an offer and the ID of the listing on which the offer is being made.

Note that the service does not currently support the creation of multiple offers with a single call to sendOfferToInterestedBuyer. With this, each request can target only one listing at a time and you must populate this array with a single element that contains the details of one offer.