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This type is used to display the possible condition descriptors and condition values applicable for a specified category. It also returns usage requirements, maximum length, cardinality, and help text.

Type that uses ItemConditionDescriptor


Call that uses ItemConditionDescriptor


This container shows the constraints on a condition descriptor, such as the maximum length, default condition descriptor value ID, cardinality, mode, usage, and applicable descriptor IDs.
A description of the condition descriptor that directs a user to its condition descriptor values.

For example, the help text for Card Condition is Select ungraded condition.
The unique identification number of a condition descriptor associated with with a conditionDescriptorName.

For example, 40001 is the ID for Card Condition.

These IDs are used in the addItem family of calls of the Trading API to provide condition descriptor names for the item. These IDs are used by the inventoryItem family of calls of the Inventory API to provide condition descriptor names for the item.
The human-readable label for the condition descriptor associated with the conditionDescriptorID.

For example, Card Condition is the condition descriptor name for ID 40001
This array shows the possible values that map to the corresponding conditionDescriptorName values. Constraint information and help text are also shown for each value.

For example, The ID 40001 is ID for the condition descriptor card condition. The ID 400012 is the ID for the Very Good card condition value.