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This complex type contains the request payload for the createFromShippingQuote method.

Types that use CreateShipmentFromQuoteRequest

Not used by any types.

Call that uses CreateShipmentFromQuoteRequest


Supply a list of one or more shipping options that the seller wants to purchase for this shipment.

The baseShippingCost field that's associated with the selected shipping rate is the cost of the base service offered in the rate. In addition to the base service, sellers can add additional shipping services to the base service. Shipping options include things such as shipping insurance or a recipient's signature upon delivery. The cost of any added services is summed with the base shipping cost to determine the final cost for the shipment. All options added to the shipment must be chosen from the set of shipping options offered with the selected rate.
Optional text to be printed on the shipping label if the selected shipping carrier supports custom messages on their labels.
The seller's desired label size. Any supplied value is applied only if the shipping carrier supports multiple label sizes, otherwise the carrier's default label size is used.

Currently, the only valid value is: 4"x6"
The unique eBay-assigned identifier of the shipping rate that the seller selected for the shipment. This value is generated by using the createShippingQuote method and is returned in the rates.rateId field.
The optional return address and contact details for the shipment. The return address is printed on the shipping label. If not specified, the return address defaults to the shipFrom address returned in shipping quote.
The unique eBay-assigned identifier of the shipping quote that was generated by the createShippingQuote method.