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This type is used by the request payload of the publishByInventoryItemGroup call. The identifier of the inventory item group to publish and the eBay marketplace where the listing will be published is needed in the request payload.

Types that use PublishByInventoryItemGroupRequest

Not used by any types.

Call that uses PublishByInventoryItemGroupRequest


This is the unique identifier of the inventory item group. All unpublished offers associated with this inventory item group will be published as a multiple-variation listing if the publishByInventoryItemGroup call is successful. The inventoryItemGroupKey identifier is automatically generated by eBay once an inventory item group is created.

To retrieve an inventoryItemGroupKey value, you can use the getInventoryItem method to retrieve an inventory item that is known to be in the inventory item group to publish, and then look for the inventory item group identifier under the groupIds container in the response of that call.
This is the unique identifier of the eBay site on which the multiple-variation listing will be published. The marketplaceId enumeration values are found in MarketplaceEnum.

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