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Published: September 24 2006, 9:23:00 PMUpdated: July 27 2022, 1:05:36 PM

Enabling BestOffer in JAVA SDK

Detailed Description

    A seller can enable BestOffer feature for a fixed price item in AddItem call. The buildItem() function below illuminates how to set the relevant properties in JAVA SDK.

    public static ItemType buildItem() {
          String t = "Test BestOffer listing. DO NOT BID!";;
          ItemType item = new ItemType();
          item.setDescription("Test BestOffer listing.");
          item.setStartPrice(new AmountType(599));     
          item.setQuantity(new Integer(1));
          item.setLocation("San Jose, CA");
         // Use GetCategoryFeatures to determine which categories support BestOffer feature
         CategoryType cat = new CategoryType();
         // BestOffer can only be applied to a fixed price format item
         // Auto decline the offer that is lower than the MinimumBestOfferPrice
         // NOTE. The item's StartPrice must be higher than the MinimumBestOfferPrice
         ListingDetailsType listingDetails = new ListingDetailsType();
         listingDetails.setMinimumBestOfferMessage("I can't accept the offer ...");
         listingDetails.setMinimumBestOfferPrice( new AmountType (500.00));
         //Enable best offer with setBestOfferEnabled function
         BestOfferDetailsType bodt = new BestOfferDetailsType();
         bodt.setBestOfferEnabled(new Boolean(true));

         // Shipping range

         return item;



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