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Published: August 24 2006, 3:14:00 PMUpdated: July 31 2022, 7:55:02 PM

Can I create an order through eBay web flow as a buyer? How to retrieve the order that created in such way


  • A buyer can use Combined Payments to send one payment for multiple items purchased from the same seller in your MyeBay page, by doing so, you are creating an Order.
  • A Seller can use Send Invoice so that the seller can receive one payment on multiple purchases from the same buyer, by doing so, the seller is creating an Order.
  • The orders that created via web flow can be retrieved with GetOrders api call.

Detailed Description.

  • The steps of creating an order as buyer

     1. Click on a purchased item in your Home > My eBay > All Buying > Won page 
     2. Click on Pay Now button in the coming page to bring up 'Review Your Purchases From <THE SELLER ID> ' page.
              Note. All the unpaid items you purchased from the same seller are listed in the result page.
     3. You can either click the Request total from seller link to request the total amount, including shipping and other costs, from the seller, or click  the Continue button to pay the combined purchases             

  • The steps of creating an order as seller

     1. Click on an interested unpaid item in the seller's Home > My eBay > All Selling > Sold page to bring up the View Item page
     2. Click on Send Invoice button in the View Item page, and all the unpaid items from the same buyer are listed in the coming  Send Invoice to Buyer page
     3. Enter the Shipping and handling fee, select two or more unpaid items and click on Send Invoice button in the Send Invoice to Buyer page.
     4. The order then is created and orderId is captured in the coming  Invoice Sent to Buyer  

  • Retrieve the orders that created through web flow

  GetOrder api takes either orderIds or date range as input argument. When a given user's orderIDs are unknown, you can send date range criteria in the request to obtain the orders as demonstrated in the GetOrders Sample document.


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