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Published: May 08 2019, 10:31:00 AMUpdated: August 29 2022, 4:49:44 PM

As you are aware, eBay has been making changes, such as requiring HTTPS URLs for links in listing descriptions, to provide a more secure experience for buyers who view listings on the eBay marketplace. Likewise, third-party applications and service providers are making changes to provide better security for their own customers. To help with this, eBay is making changes to add Server Name Indication (SNI) support to our production Platform Notifications server.


What is the change?

eBay is formatting their notifications to support Server Name Indication (SNI). SNI is an extension to the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. This change will make Platform Notifications compatible with the majority of secure server configurations used to receive secure notifications.


This change has already been made for the sandbox environment since 2017.

When will this change happen?


This change will occur on May 14th, 2019 from 2 AM Pacific Time and may take up to 4 hours to complete. The new date will be announced soon.

How does this change affect you?

If you are subscribed to Platform Notifications with an HTTPS address for your listener and you have tested your listener server in the sandbox since 2017, then your server will work properly in production. If you are not sure if you are ready for this change, please read on to see how this coming change affects you


What do you need to do?

All Developers need to move to SNI at the beginning of the window. 


All Notification Destination URLs that are in HTTPS must support SNI(Server Name Indication) in their server or clients will stop receiving platform notifications. 


There will be no impact to notification destination URLs that are not in HTTPS.

Subscribed to Platform Notifications with an HTTPS address

You must test your server in sandbox to ensure you are able to receive notifications. If during testing, you are unable to receive notifications, please read Not receiving platform notifications over HTTPS in the eBay Developers Program knowledge base. If you continue to have problems, please file a support ticket


Subscribed to Platform Notifications with an HTTP address


The change for SNI support will not impact you. If you plan to move to an HTTPS listener, please test it with our sandbox environment first

Subscribed to Platform Notifications with an email address

The change for SNI support will not impact you.

I use a 3rd-party server or hosting provider that does not support SNIIf you currently use the HTTPS but you have determined that your system cannot yet support SNI, please file a support ticket to discuss options.

Please contact eBay Developer Support if you need any assistance.

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