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Published: January 31 2006, 10:19:00 PMUpdated: July 22 2022, 4:33:03 AM

What is the difference between GetMyMessages and GetMemberMessages?

These two calls overlap in functionality, however they return different data sets in their response. Therefore it is important to understand the functionality and limitations of each call.

GetMemberMessages returns a list of the messages buyers have posted about your active item listings.

GetMyMessages can be used to retrieve information about the messages and alerts sent to a given user. Depending on the detail level, this information can include message and alert counts, resolution and flagged status, message and/or alert headers, and message and/or alert body text. The response data from this call is designed to 'mimick' the MyMessages section of MyeBay, including returning the actual HTML displayed on the MyeBay page for an individual message.

GetMemberMessages returns MemberMessage.MemberMessageExchange.MessageStatus which indicates if the message has been read. This flag can be revised by your application via the ReviseMyMessages call. Additionally, messages can be moved to various folders via the ReviseMyMessages call.

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